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Thanks for checking out my masks and my website! I really appreciate you stopping by.


I am a stay-at-home mom of an energetic 7 year old and currently pregnant with TWINS!! My husband and I are so excited to welcome these babies to our family in June. 


I love crafting, photography, beading earrings and sewing. My mom was always sewing when I was growing up so I learned at a pretty young age. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and it became apparent that masks were going to become a part of daily life, I decided to jump in and create some masks that I would like to wear! Once my friends started asking me to make masks for them, it grew from there. 


Considering that it sounds like we are going to have to wear masks out in public for at least the next year, why not wear masks that show off who you are and have some fun with it? MASK YO'SELF is all about having quality, long lasting masks that can express your personality and interests.


Be COLORFUL and FUN all while protecting yourself and staying safe!


Take care of one another during this crazy time in our world.

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